How do I register for a Tournament?

Simply follow the link & find your game. Enter all specified data and submit.

Warzone Sunday TRIOS –
Warzone Tuesday DUOS
Warzone Wednesday QUADS
Fortnite –

What if I don't have my teammates information or need to change a teammate?

Just put a ? mark for the teammates names and you can add it later on Discord in the #teammate-changes channel.

What if I don't have a team?

You do not need to be on a team to play in our tournaments. If you’d like to learn more about the teams, join our Discord and sign up as a free agent! We have been able to match several solo registrants who went on to perform very will on tournament day.


How do I submit scores?

You will need to join our Discord and find the #submit-scores channel.

Video Submissions are required to count your team’s score after each game. The video must capture your team’s PLACEMENT & SCOREBOARD after each game.

Important: Scores will not count if there is no video submission from your team.

Is streaming required?

One member from each team must be streaming (any platform) for the Amateur & Casual divisions. All PC & Champion division players must stream or provide a reviewable video of the entire tournament game play. Some players in the past have even recorded/streamed their gaming monitor via their mobile phone.

What are you doing to prevent cheating?

We take cheating very seriously and have an entire cheating review team dedicated to spotting cheaters. If you are caught smurfing, hacking, colluding or cheating in any form, you will be immediately removed from the contest and permanently banned from future tournaments.

How do I record both PLACEMENT & SCORES?


XBOX – Press start and then RB to go to scoreboard

PS4 – press “options” on your controller and tab right to your scoreboard

PC – hit the Escape key and go to the “Scoreboard” tab

How do I get paid if I win?

You will be paid via the account/email you used to pay for your team. Please visit to see full details on how payouts work. Each team member will need to fill this out.

Do I have to be in the USA?

No! We accept players from all over the world.

Does my team need to join a custom lobby?

Nope! You play in your own lobbies and queue up as you normally would.